I am Hugo, nice to meet you! I am a passionate software developer who loves data!

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About Me

I have two years of undergraduate research experience in software development in Python and I am passionate about building and maintaining software that is capable of processing large amounts of data. I graduated Cum Laude in May 2019 from St. Olaf College (USA) in Computer Science with a minor in Statistics.

I am passionate about developing scalable and reliable software running in modern environments like Docker containers. My experience includes developing software in C++ and Java, implementing and using machine learning algorithms in the R language, and setting up web servers and reverse proxies using NGINX and Gunicorn.

Past Projects

Below, you can find a few of my latest projects by language:


  1. Web Development on High Performance Computing in Context (HiPerCiC) project at St. Olaf College led by a faculty member. This my undegraduate research position in software development. Since the code is closed source, here are some statistics describing my contributions:
    • 376 commits across four Git repositories, mostly Python with some HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for front-end. Also wrote basic scripts in Bash.
    • Object-Oriented programming
    • Set up 3 virtual machines, two running production code
    • Automated continuous integration and deployment to staging and production
    • Designed reverse proxying to 6 VMs and set up SSL termination at each VM
    • Followed Audrey Roy and Daniel Roy Greenfeld’s Two Scoops of Django: Best Practices for Django 1.11 and other materials on best practices with Python and Django
    • Pioneered deployment to clusters (Kubernetes on premise and in Google Cloud)
    • Leader of a team with four other students, reported to faculty member who founded and directed the project
  2. Python package development (click) and data generation using Python’s Pandas and geospatial data while interning at Sygic


  1. Wrote a RESTful multi threaded Java web-server that served a phone application we developed called Peckish


  1. Machine Learning: Student performance analysis (click) in collaboration with Bridget Koehler and Evan Holmes, used a dataset from UCI and various algorithms (My sections are Linear Model, SVM, Hierarchical Cluster) to analyze student performance in two schools in Portugal. This was a final project for a class at St. Olaf College
  2. Airbnb Price Influencer Analysis (click) in collaboration with Xiaotian Fan, used a dataset from insideairbnb.com to analyze which factors influence the price of an Airbnb listing for places in Amsterdam, the Netherderlands. This was also a final project for a class at St. Olaf College.